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What to Know about Protective Barriers in the Office

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, we’ve all had to make compromises in one way or another. As businesses begin to return to their offices, we expect some major changes in office layouts, habits, and schedules.

If changing the entire structure of your office doesn’t appeal to you, Capital Choice can offer numerous solutions for mobile and/or temporary barriers that are simple, safe and effective. All barriers shown below fit any standard desk or workspace, but can be cut to a desired size. Lead times may vary.

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Reception Desk Protective Barrier

Tinted Plexiglass Shield Barrier

  • Perfect for desks that are side by side to ensure all sides of a desk are guarded.
  • Can be fit to any desk.
  • Non-permanent.
Cubicle Mounted Divider

Cubicle Mounted Divider

  • Simple shield
  • Can be fit to mount most any panel
  • Non-permanent.

Plexiglass Panel

  • Perfect for desks, break room tables, conference tables
  • Can be fit to any desk.
  • Non-permanent.

Mounted Desk Divider

  • Perfect for standing workstations.
  • Can be fit to most any desk.
  • Different heights available.
  • Non-permanent.

Plexiglass Shield

  • Can be ordered and picked up in 1 business day.
  • Fits most standard desks and work stations.
  • Protects both employees and customers alike
  • Includes cut out for a card reader.
  • Can be cut in different desired sizes.