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9 Common Office Move Mistakes

//9 Common Office Move Mistakes

9 Common Office Move Mistakes

No matter how many times you have prepared for an office move, mistakes are a part of life. Some things are simply unavoidable when it comes to moving an office. Knowing the possible mistakes to avoid can help your office move save time, money, and stress.

#1 – Not making an office move checklist or sticking to the one that you put together before your move causes for major confusion.

#2 – Not choosing the right office space can lead to your business outgrowing the office before your lease is up. This disorganized accounting can cause major problems for you, you employees, and your business.

#3 – Not communicating with your office designer will leave you not utilizing your office space efficiently. It can also cause a delay on the project.

#4 – Not communicating with your staff members can lead to a stressful environment and poor productivity not only during your office move, but after as well.

#5 – Not having an office timeline and or not sticking to it can cause you to miss important deadlines.

#6 – Not having a set budget will mean that you could possibly end up overspending or missing the realistic spending budget of your office move.

#7 – IT relocation hasn’t been effectively planned, leaving your business without proper communication when the move is finished.

#8 – Office relocation managers help either consult or plan the entire project to make sure that the move goes smooth. Not taking advantage of these types of professionals can lead to you having more problems than you began with.

#9 – Not accounting for time and planning your office move at the last minute. Last minute moving can create situations where budgets are ignored; which in turn causes over spending.

Knowing these mistakes beforehand can help make your office move go a lot smoother. No office move will be without mistakes but avoiding the big ones will make all of the difference. Call today for a free consultation on planning your new office space! (614) 332-1828.