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6 Steps to Adjust Your Office Chair to You

//6 Steps to Adjust Your Office Chair to You

6 Steps to Adjust Your Office Chair to You

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In the world of office furniture, there is an ever growing trend of workplace ergonomics and healthy living. If you’re like me, you’ve never given these concepts a second thought. It wasn’t until I started at Capital Choice Office Furniture that I realized I had been doing it all wrong. After being employed at a few non-profits and small organizations with less than ideal office chairs, my back had really started to pay for it. Not only was my personal life being affected (unable to play sports, enjoy time away from the office), but my work had been suffering as well. I was constantly sore in my neck, back, and shoulders, having to repeatedly visit chiropractors to work out the kinks.

After learning more about office chairs, chair adjustments, how they can influence performance and comfort, I felt that it was necessary to share with our audience. In some cases you may need new chairs, in other case you may just need to fine tune your adjustments to your body the right way. Follow along with the guide below to calibrate your body to your office chair. If your chair is lacking on some of these adjustments, it may be time to upgrade.

6 steps to adjusting your office chair