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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you discount?

No, our merchandise is priced 50-95% off of the new listed price, so we don’t need to discount further because we already provide great deals. However, we do have specific merchandise that is offered at clearance prices. Ask a salesperson for details on this specific inventory. We also will be offering merchandise for sale on our www.auctions-now.com where each auction will be promoted and displayed.

What are your prices?

Each furniture item has a sticker price tag. Each item is priced based on the quality of the item, the original list price, the age and condition of the item.

Where do you get your used furniture?

We have relationships with suppliers and referrals on businesses that are closing, moving or expanding.

Will this desk fit in my space?

It’s important to take measurements of your space before you come into our showroom. This will help in deciding which desk will give you the right layout and work flow. Also, make sure you measure your doorways into your office space and note if you have any stairs or an elevator that may limit your furniture size.

Can you make a desk to fit in my office space?

We can custom fit most desks to your office space. Whether we need to cut a desk to make it shorter or order a few parts, we can adjust most office furniture specifications to meet your office needs.

How quickly can I get this delivered and installed?

Our average turnaround time for delivering and installing our furniture is one week. If we have the item in inventory, we may be able to deliver it the same day. But, if we need to order the item or parts, it can take up to 3 weeks for us to deliver and install. Cubicle installations may take longer due the cleaning of the panels.

What does installation include? Electrician?

The installation process includes moving the furniture from our truck into the work space and setting it up for use. Our delivery and installation services does not include electrical hard wiring and / or computer wiring, which may be needed for some cubicle and desk set ups. We can disassemble cubicles and desks if needed. And, we also can provide moving services (once a purchase has been made) if your office is relocating to another facility.

How do I tell which chair works best for me?

The best way to tell which chair is best for you is to try several of them and feel the difference. Each person is different and each chair has its’ own adjustments and will provide different support. You can decide the most important feature to you, whether it’s a lumbar support or lateral arm rests etc. Make sure you are with a professional who can show you how the chair adjusts to maximize comfort to your specifications.

When will you get the next inventory shipment?

Our inventory shipments vary, but we average 2 shipments a month. Depending on our suppliers and their needs, we can receive large shipments given little notice. So, if you are searching for a particular product, contact us for details on our inventory and any booked shipments.

What if my office isn’t ready for the furniture yet?

If you are moving into a new office and you are not ready for office furniture yet, we can hold it for you. You do need to purchase the items and we can store them for the timeframe that you need us to for free up to 1 month though larger orders may be stored for longer.

Do you buy and pick up office furniture?

Yes, we purchase large quantities of office furniture, pick it up and move it. Check out our Sell Office Furniture page.

Can you help us relocate our office?

Yes, as long as a purchase is made, we can move your current office furniture for a minimal fee. We are experts in dis-assembling cubicles, moving them to a new location, designing the work space for optimum productivity and reassembling them. Contact us for more details regarding your specific needs.

Is your entire inventory on your website?

No, because we get inventory regularly, there are always some products that are not on our website yet. We do try to keep our website up-to-date as best as possible. If you are looking for a specific product and don’t see it on our website, call us to check our current inventory.

Can you refurbish or fix any marks on the desks?

Sometimes we can fix marks or blemishes on desks or tables. It depends on what the blemish is and how the desk or table was made, if it’s a veneer finish or laminate top.

What do I get if I refer someone to you?

If you refer someone to us and they make a purchase, you will be rewarded! Let us know you referred someone, so we can get you your gift.

What are your payment terms?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash or check. If you are a 501c nonprofit, please bring in your tax exempt documentation so that you will not have to pay tax on your purchase.

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